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Rohacell is commonly known to be used in automotive applications but as we have said before it is used in many industries!

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In the next few newsletters we thought we would educate you on just what sort of applications Rohacell goes into at present! So we are going to start with Architects which ties in with model makers! We asked one of the associate Partners at one of the biggest architectural firms in the World John Dixon of Fosters and Partners why they use our product:

"In the general modelmaking industry Rohacell is an ideal material to use in design development. We can rapidly produce sketch models and mock-ups which speed up the design process. It is resistant to most glues and paint and it is easy to cut using general workshop machinery such as circular saws, band saws and disc sanders and we often use it on our cnc machine to cut 3d forms. I've used the finer grade of Rohacell too but found it marked easier and the 51IG was easier to sand. We have used it for modelling all kinds of architecture, product and industrial design such as master plan schemes, towers, boats and even door handles. Most of our designs have a Rohacell model made of them at some point."

So modelmakers and architects use us as your one stop shop for your tight tolerance cast acrylic and Rohacell! Check out our website for more details on our products.

One to Watch!

So let's forget all the shooting stars that have been sweeping across the skies recently let's concentrate on a rising star!! Cameron Twynham is currently sitting second in the European Open F3 Copa Championship racing for team West Tec and his story is quite something! Starting out far less experienced than 99% of the drivers that surrounded him. Cameron started late in the game! An average kart racer would start out at 8 years old Cameron started at 13 and a half years old quickly progressing to cars! We have been lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to go along to Cameron's Silverstone race this year and watched him come out the other side with a double podium with two second place finishes. We caught up with Cameron in his break before his next race to see what makes this 17 year old young man drive for his dreams!

Red Bull F1 Driver

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New Sheet Sizes!

We are happy to announce we can now supply our customers with 1/8's (630mm x 630mm) of a standard Rohacell sheet (2600cm x 1350mm) The 1/8's are available to be cut from IG-F and IG-UF

Hi Cameron! So since Emkay Plastics Ltd and yourself have become acquainted we have been researching and following your rise in the racing driver ranks. You most certainly in our opinion and many others have been rising very fast up the ladder for a young driver who started quite late on , which really puts you 5 years of experience behind most in your industry! Since April you have moved up 1582 places in the Autosport World Rankings which put you in 810th place Worldwide but 94th in the UK with Lewis Hamilton at 1st place to date! Does this feel surreal to you?

"Yes it does feel a little surreal, I have only been racing for 4 years and didn't imagine I would be sitting in an F3 car on the British F3 grid or the European F3 open, it's crazy but awesome at the same time."

Has it hit home just how well you are doing?

"Yes and No, everyone around me is telling me this all the time but I don't think I am anywhere near my potential, every time I get out the car I have a list of things in my head I didn't do right and must work on, then Dad and Ollie have a list as well so even if there is a trophy and podium its straight back to the reality of improving."

At what point do you think "wow...this really isn't a dream"?

"I don't think I have ever thought this was dream, although have dreamt of it and I dream now about what I can achieve. I think we have planned things so well it's like I am meant to be here doing this so it feels normal."


Now the relocation is complete our PDQ Machine is back up and running again so you have two payment methods available once again. So you can choose whichever suits your company best!

Option 1: Over the phone PDQ system payment on ordering
Option 2: 30 Days at end of month payment account

PDQ System

You started out when you were 13? So like I said before, you were a late starter in the racing world, with most drivers starting at 8 years old. You have progressed so quickly have people compared you to your idol Lewis even though he started at a much younger age? Do you see yourself moving up to where he is?

"I get a lot of people ask me if I am the next Lewis Hamilton but I don't think I am, our routes have been very different and I have a very different style to him on track. People have compared my style to be a combination of Button and Alonso but they are not saying I am like them, just drive like them. It's a bit early and I have not achieved enough yet to be considered in the same way as these drivers but I hope to be compared soon. Without doubt my aim is F1 and to achieve more than Lewis, he has not yet fulfilled his potential with only 1 world championship, my focus is on setting new records."

What makes Lewis Hamilton your idol over all other racing drivers? Do you feel that so far you have had a somewhat similar journey to Lewis?

"You only have to watch GP2 2006 in Turkey to understand why, this was when I started to watch racing with dad and this left a massive impression on me. Lewis was very fortunate in being chosen as a McLaren driver so young and had his racing fully supported by them, I have had to make my own way here with the support from my family and now a few sponsors. Motorsport is incredibly expensive and we have had to fund every lap so far, so my journey is based around funding rather than a career path as was set out for Lewis. We have to go to much greater lengths to get known, be seen and attract fans, supports and sponsors to be able to continue up the ladder."

Formula 3 car

At what age did you go from Karts to cars? Did it take a lot of getting use to?

"I moved from carts to cars in the middle of 2011 when I started testing the FBMW in preparation for the intersteps championship in 2012. The car was nothing at all like the kart, driving was totally different and although the race craft looks similar I really don't see much in the way of crossover. I know that extremely good karters often make good race car drivers but I think that's more to do with mentality than the technique."

What is the car like that you are currently driving?

The F3 car I drive now is amazing, the grip and feel is incredible and the amount that can be changed to get it handling how I like is mind blowing. The more work I do with the team and engineer the more I start to understand what's needed and the more they make the car feel how I like, then I drive faster, it's a great loop for us to continually improve and get faster.

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Emkay are at The Advanced Engineering 2013 Show again this year please let us know if you would like to see us or come and find us in the Composites Engineering section booth C185 to enjoy our complimentary bar.

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Your next race is following the F1 Grand Prix in Belgium. Spa-Francorchamps race circuit used to be twice the size it is now and was known for being one of the most if not the most dangerous race track in the world due to the fatality and accidents happening on the high speed track. Now the track has been modified over the decades and it is now much safer to race on. Is this your first race here? This racetrack is used as a road usually will this be something new for you also? How do you prepare for your races? Do you study the track beforehand?

"This year has all been on new tracks to me, even Silverstone when I raced at the British F3 was the first time I had raced there. Pre season testing was a bit of a disaster with some mechanical and weather issues so in fact I had done 45 minutes at the Nurburgring and a day with engine problems at Silverstone, other than that I had no experience of any of the tracks I have raced at. To me this is a fact that everyone overlooks when they look at my season, I am so happy to have done so well but the next time I am back at these tracks I will do better, it is always easier to race somewhere the second time, you know the place, the paddock, the hotels, the track, the corners, the passing places and I'll go back to tracks with so much more confidence and less nerves that I just can't wait to get back to these tracks and show people what I am really capable of when I get comfy.

The 3 last rounds at Spa, Monza and Barcelona are all new as well, none of these tracks worry me and I have proved that my preparation is extremely good. I use simulators, YouTube of races and on boards, I also watch team on boards from previous years and review that data to help me get the best possible understanding before I get in the car for the first run. For example at Spa I started preparing in February for all tracks on the simulator and by the time I arrive there I will have done well over 300 laps on different simulator. I have 3 simulator sessions planned for this race and that will mean 8 hours in the simulator before that race in 3 weeks time. We also attended a race there to get a feel for the place and see some things you can't see via video. For me it is all about the preparation, we get so little track time that if you arrive and have not done this I don't see how you can race well."

Will you be watching the F1 there or from home?

I do watch the F1 at home, I have been attending Silverstone British GP for 10 years now but not any others, I can't say I am a big fan of watching racing, I do watch but if I miss a race it really doesn't concern me. I have every F1, GP2 and GP3 race recorded for the past few years so in the future I can refer back to them to watch as part of my preparation.

I read in a recent interview that as well as Lewis Hamilton that your dad Julian is your idol. I think it's great that you have such a close relationship especially when he is managing you. Did your dad ever race or dream to do so?

It's funny Dad did try some karting a few years back but claimed it was too dangerous! He loves motorsport and watches any and every race he can, any cars, any track and anytime.
He has never missed one of my laps, not in testing or at race meetings and says he never will.

Your family have been such a great support unit to you, and you are always so busy with your racing they must have as much of a passion for it as you do?

My parent's support is the only reason I am here, they have given up a lot to make this happen and I don't think anyone outside can ever really understand how much that is, certainly new cars and most probably a bigger house and a lot more, not many parents would give up that to let their son race a car! My job is and always has been the driver, they try to keep the rest away from me and let me focus on that because they understand that the more I focus the better I can be.

Pit Garage

When Emkay watched Cameron from Silverstone!

EEEGR Member

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What's next in the pipeline for you?

"The pipeline depends on sponsors for 2014, we have funding to race at a certain level next year but we believe the bigger the steps at this point the better. As I said at the start we don't have the luxury of a team funding or controlling my career so it's important to get in front of and impress the right people as soon as possible so it's a matter of making the right step. There is some interest from teams for next year but interest from teams doesn't mean funding normally so its focus on achieving the maximum in the next 3 rounds of the F3 Open and hoping to seal my first ever championship, although this will be hard as these are all new tracks to me with zero testing and I know my main competitors and team mates have all tested and raced at these venues. This means double the effort and show again that I can compete with older and far more experienced drivers and let Dad sort the deal for 2014.

As you have said already funding plays a massive part towards you being able to keep moving forward in your career. What benefits are there for companies that are interested in sponsoring you?

I am in a very fortunate position of being able to race in 2013 and will certainly be on a grid next year, the big question is how much funding we can raise for that season and how high can I go. We are actively looking for funding and sponsors to help achieve these goals and we have a great package of benefits that don't just include a few tickets and a sticker on the car, we understand the need to offer a lot more than this and believe the packages we have put together do this. I am very hopeful that I can take my sponsors with me all of the way to F1 and that the relationships we create now benefit both sides and are not just cash for stickers as most drivers offer today.

If you would like to find out how you could sponsor Cameron contact MRE Motorsport:


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Thank you to those of you who made it to our BBQ! To those of you who did not make it and would like to perhaps come and visit our new location let us know and we can arrange a date! One of our managing Directors Steven King also has the perfect venue for us to raise a glass to make up for the BBQ you missed which any of you are welcome to come along to at anytime even if you haven't visited Emkay! Bar 11 Norwich! If you are ever in the area let us know!