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The F3 star we have been following and have talked about in our newsletters many a time, came up to Norwich at the end of June following his return from racing in the Euro Formula Open in Jerez. Cameron and his Manager Julian Twynham (his very supportive father) came to discuss the possibility of a future sponsorship partnership with Emkay plastics Ltd, and of course to watch the World Cup over a drink or two! We are proud to announce that we have sponsored Cameron for the remainder of the season!

Cameron had just got back from Hungary following a weekend with car problems he still managed to come out 4th place! We were looking forward to going to watch Cameron at the Silverstone race when we had an email to let us know they had some bad news but also some amazing news for us!

Julian broke the news that Cameron had pulled out of Team West-Tec so we were no longer able to go along to watch him in all his glory at Silverstone, BUT the amazing news that came with this bad news was that Cameron had been offered a seat to drive for Comtec Racing, a race team based in Snetterton Norfolk who compete in the Formula Renault 3.5 World Series. This is a major step up for Cameron and team!

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New Sheet Sizes!

We are happy to announce we can now supply our customers with 1/8's (630mm x 630mm) of a standard Rohacell sheet (2600cm x 1350mm) The 1/8's are available to be cut from IG-F and IG-UF

Cameron accepted the offer and headed straight to Germany for his first race! We would all like to congratulate Cameron on this fantastic news we cannot wait to see you in action!

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Formula Student 2014

The cars had been unveiled and packed up and the teams had travelled from far and wide, yes it was that time of year again where students from all over the world battled it out to become the winners of the UK Formula Student 2014 competition.

This is not just about who can build the fastest and the best looking car, there is so much more to it than that. After 12 months of designing, testing and building students are judged in two separate sections Dynamic and Static events before they can get their overall place! These sections are divided into 8 parts and all have a maximum number of points each team can be given depending on how good the car does in that particular section;

Dynamic Events;


A 22km race around a specially designed track


A sprint time-trial (one lap)


A 75 metre drag race from a standing start

Fuel Economy/Co2 Emissions

The amounts of Co2 emitted and the fuel economy is

measured over the period of the competition with the most

efficient car winning the most points


Four Laps of a small figure of eight course to test the cars


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Now the relocation is complete our PDQ Machine is back up and running again so you have two payment methods available once again. So you can choose whichever suits your company best!

Option 1: Over the phone PDQ system payment on ordering

Option 2: 30 Days at end of month payment account

Static Events;

Business Presentation

The teams present to industry judges their business plan;

they are to explain why their car is the best design that

meets the demands of the Formula Student competition.

Engineering Design

Industry experts inspect the cars and awards are based on

effort and innovation.

Cost and Sustainability

A look at how the teams have made the most of their

funds, taking into consideration the sustainability of the

cars materials and manufacturing process.

This year the teams arrived on the Wednesday and finished up on the Sunday! We went along to Silverstone to see the students we sponsored on the Friday. Unfortunately this year the weather wasn't so great as 2013 but the atmosphere was still buzzing with excited students!

We had sponsored more teams than we ever have done before this year so we were looking forward to see who could get the furthest in the competition as all of the entries looked so great! We didn't get to see all of the teams cars as some had been taken away to make adjustments after scrutineering, but those we did get to see seemed confident and their cars looked superb! We left Silverstone before any of the Dynamic Events had started so we are yet to hear how they all got on!

We will have all the results for you in next month's Newsletter!

Promoting Engineering


The last few months have been packed with Emkay meeting with our customers to try to gain more knowledge of their wants and needs so we can improve on our service. Over the period we have visited many of our automotive and composite companies and in June we concentrated on the model making customers.

We want to thank everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to meet with us to discuss Rohacell, acrylic and our customer service relationship we have with you - our customers. It has all been very insightful for us and the people we met with. We aim to please our customers and would like to develop as much as we can so Emkay can work towards giving you the best service possible.

If we haven't seen you as yet and you would like us to visit give us a call and we can make arrangements to do so, or if you have any questions for us on our products or our services, get in touch so we can help! We have been compiling some new useful product information documents from our recent findings which we will be sure to get out to you when they are finished!

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Promoting Engineering

Before we know it the Composites engineering show will be upon us!

This year we are in booth B200 please let us know if you will be attending and come and see us!

Advanced Engineering Show 2014



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