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We are slowly approaching an event that we support yearly and yes we always bang on about it but it is something we at Emkay are very passionate about! Can you guess what it is yet?

formula student

Formula Student

We have sponsored many teams this year with the free issue of Rohacell for their cars, as we strongly believe in helping to educate the engineers of our future. Formula Student is backed by many companies like ourselves and the ever-growing industry including high profile engineers such as the Formula Student Patron Ross Brawn OBE and an ex Formula Student Team member, Chief Race Engineer of Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team, Andrew Shovlin.

We caught up with some of the teams to find out just what they had been getting up to ahead of the competition at Silverstone this July!

Cardiff Racing Logo

We have been closely following Cardiff Racing's every move by having lots of contact with a very passionate student and an integral team member of theirs, Dewi Griffiths! Dewi has been informing us with Formula Student updates as well as other exciting projects he has helped to run alongside. As if they don't have enough on their plates already!

With last year's car CR09 being lovingly named Nigella we expected nothing less this year for CR10 to come with a lovely ladies name! We weren't let down as they have named her LOUISA! And here she is so far...

Cardiff Racing Louisa
Emkay Motorsport Logo

Cardiff has put our Rohacell within the crash structure, the side parts and some of the aero parts of Louisa! This will help to keep her light and strong! Look out for our next newsletter that Dewi and team have helped us with that gives us a closer look into what it's like to be a Formula Student Team member including more on their latest projects!

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Warwick Racing Logo Warwick Racing Team Photo

Pictured above Warwick Racing Team

After last year's big adventure over to Melbourne we decided to sponsor Warwick Racing again due to yet again the passion and dedication they have shown for the Formula Student Project. Last year not only did the team compete in the Silverstone round of Formula Student they also went over to Melbourne to stay with Monash Motorsport one of the local FS teams over there before competing in the FS competition down under!

Hannah Sugrue has been our main contact with the team since last year.

Hannah says;

'Warwick Racing has had a main focus this year in line with our support from Emkay Plastics - to reduce weight by investigating and testing new materials. Our new WR4 car is close to being finished, with only a few finishing touches left to be completed before we can test for the dynamic events of the upcoming Formula Student UK competition at Silverstone in July. We have had our engine on the dyno and it has been running better than expected! This year we have added the new challenge of hosting the Monash Motorsport Formula Student team, travelling all the way from Melbourne, Australia, to compete alongside us. We're really excited for the UK competition and we're confident we will give our best performance to date, by finishing in the Top 10 UK teams, and completing all 7 events.'

Emkay Motorsport Logo Warwick Racing Team Working

Pictured above left Warwick racing's lightweight dash, and above right their intake system!

Good luck Warwick great work so far!


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Brunel Masters Logo Brunel Masters Team

Brunel Masters Motorsport 10 aka BMM10 are participating in class 2 of the competition. Class two enables students to practise their development in advance of a full class 1 entry. BMM10 have been using our Rohacell in their impact attenuator crash test. Using two densities of our IG-F range here are the results!

Brunel Masters Crash Test
Emkay Motorsport Logo

The photos on the left hand side show Rohacell 51IG-F before (top) the crash test and after the crash test. The photos on the right hand side show Rohacell 71IG-F before (top) the crash test and after (bottom) the crash test.

The 51IG-F has passed in this test with the 71IG-F failing due to it being too strong. Harpreet Singh Bharj the chassis team leader has recently updated us with the team's latest news of planning to manufacture a rolling chassis for the event!

Good Luck guys!


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Team Fateh Logo

As Emkay went Global last year we decided to sponsor a couple of teams out of the UK this year! Team Fateh of Thapar University which is located in Patiala India are the most successful Indian Team to date! They contacted us in December of last year requesting sponsorship from Emkay! Of course we accepted and have been following their journey since. Fateh sent us a photo of a few of the team in the workshop working on the team's chassis!

Emkay Motorsport Logo Team Fateh Working

We are looking forward to meeting with Team Fateh at the competition to see the final result!


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Team Sussex Logo Team Sussex Team

We sponsored Mobil 1 Team last year and promised the team we would carry on the sponsorship to this year as we felt the team had done an amazing job considering they had one of the lowest budgets out of the teams entered! They will be using our Rohacell to build their firewall!

One of the team members Nathan Atkins sent us this update!

"We are still very much on track with everything, and it is all going very positively.

Our Chassis is now complete, we are currently fabricating and welding all of our suspension components; and we aim to have a complete rolling chassis by the end of April. We have also mounted one of our two Honda CBR 600 RR engines to our chassis, and have recently set-up the second engine on our University test bed.

The custom exhaust system that we designed has now been manufactured and we have recently started hand laying the Carbon Fibre for our diffuser also, which is looking very nice.

Something we are extremely pleased with is the finish that has been achieved on our Plenum Chamber. This year's Plenum Chamber is extremely lightweight as it has been 3D printed in a Composite Material similar to that of Carbon Fibre."

Emkay Motorsport Logo Team Sussex Working

Above left - one team member welding the team's chassis. Above Middle - the team's second Honda CBR 600 RR engine on the teams test bed! Above Right - Mobil 1 Team's plenum chamber.


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Team Surtes Logo Team Surtes Team

Team Surtes are the formula Student team from the University of Surrey. They have recently opened their new Engineering Design Centre. The IMechE Formula Student board have said it was the best Formula Student lab they have seen so far! The new centre will really help the students to get the most out of their time there and hopefully help them to produce a winning car!

Emkay Motorsport Logo Team Surtes Working

Surtes have also used our Rohacell for their Impact Attenuator.Surtes used Rohacell 71IG-F which passed the crash test.

We wish Surtes Good Luck and hope their new centre really drives them to the top of the teams!


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Tecnun Motorsport Logo

Tecnun Motorsport is a Formula Student Team from the University of Navarra in Spain. After they approached us in 2013 followed by a brief meeting at Silverstone we decided to Sponsor them with the free issue of our Rohacell. Tecnun tested our Rohacell in the impact attenuator like most of the other teams but found the Rohacell grade/density they chose to be too strong for where they wanted it.

Emkay Motorsport Logo Tecnun Motorsport Project

Above left, Rohacell ready for testing. Above Right, the Tecnun Motorsport car design!

Good Luck Guys see you at Silverstone!


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University of Liverpool Motorsport Logo

ULM motorsport are not only competing at Silverstone this year they will also be competing at the Hungary Formula Student competition with ULM009! This will be run by the juniors after the final year members hand over after the Silverstone comp! This will be great experience for them before they have to design next year's car!

Emkay Motorsport Logo University of Liverpool Car

Pictured above one of ULM's team members putting last year's car to the test!


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