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Cameron Twynham on the track

Emkay get invite to Twynham's Test Day

After becoming a named sponsor for Cameron Twynham, Emkay were over the moon to be invited to a special test day put on for him by his new team Comtec Racing.

Cameron had signed up as Comtec's driver mid season to compete in the remainder of the Renault 3.5 World Series. After only having driven the car once, and that one time being his debut race in the World Series at the Nürburgring in July, the team received the go ahead from all of their opposing teams to allow the young driver to familiarise himself with the single seater Renault by having a test day.

Emkay sponsors Twynham

Driving up to the pit lanes, we could hear the roar of the engine racing around the track at speeds of 170mph whilst Cam was 'getting used to' the feel of his new drive! The sound was amazing and somewhat louder than F1 is these days which made it all the more exciting. We were greeted by his biggest supporter, his dad Julian, his driving coach Ollie Milroy (also a racing driver) and a reporter who had come to write up about Cameron's amazing journey in the last couple of years. At the rate he is going we feel honoured to be involved at this stage of his career.

Cameron and Ollie

Above; Cameron with his driving coach, Ollie Milroy

Cameron came in from the track to see how he was handling the car. The team took his onboard data off of his car and uploaded it for us all to see. This happened continuously throughout the day to enable the team to see where Cameron was doing well and where he needed to improve. The graphs showed every single move Cameron had made which he would then work on in the next practise laps. The onboard camera is also another useful tool for Cam and his team to watch back over his laps to physically see the areas he had to work on. We did not realise, and we are sure most people wouldn't (unless working for a race team), how much behind the scenes work there is for the pit team. They are constantly working to get Cam to push himself and the car to the limits, and they certainly did that!

Cameron Twynham

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New Sheet Sizes!

We are happy to announce we can now supply our customers with 1/8's (630mm x 630mm) of a standard Rohacell sheet (2600cm x 1350mm) The 1/8's are available to be cut from IG-F and IG-UF

For most 18 year olds this would be a seemingly nerve racking process but this young lad is not fazed by a thing. Perhaps this is the key to his success? Fearless and thriving off of the buzz of the adrenalin rush and the thought of a podium finish on the horizon! In between practise laps, Cam talks only of pushing to get faster in the car and jokes with his father and driver coach Ollie who has become a close friend since working with him. The three don't just work on racing, they holiday and train together. The bond is a close one and the formula is clearly working. 24 year old Ollie, as we mentioned before, has a racing career of his own to think about. He is currently racing in the Asian Le Mans Series for Ecurie Ecosse, not to mention filming for Mission Impossible 5! Life isn't quiet for Ollie what with being a driver mentor as well, but it seems as though life is in the fast lane in all aspects of his World and he won't be letting anyone lap him anytime soon!

We thoroughly enjoyed our day with the guys; we got to see practise laps, pit stop practises and even had a sit in the car. Unfortunately for us though (but fortunately for the team), the engine was not on!

Emkay staff in car

Above; Emkay's Leah Sillis and Paul Meek try out Twynham's car

After the long day, we all headed back to Emkay's Steve King's Sports Bar, Stadia, for food and drinks to celebrate Cameron's new signing with the team!!

We would like to thank Cameron, Julian and Comtec Racing for allowing us to gain a closer insight into what a day in the life of a race team is truly like.

Pit Lane

Cameron's next race is at the Hungaroring track. We gave him a call to catch up with him ahead of the race weekend!

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Please contact us to request a price list

How are you feeling ahead of the Race?
"After the first race in Nürburgring and the recent test day with the team, it has left me feeling much more confident than before my debut. Obviously I am not expecting the same results as what I had been getting in the F3 races but I would like to get into the top ten at least, it should be an interesting weekend.
In Nürburgring I did well considering the conditions of the track and under the circumstances of it being my first time in the car I was really happy with my result!"

What preparation have you been doing ahead of the race?
"I have been training with Chris at Optimal Strength Gym in Leicester. We mainly do lots of endurance training, but there is not a part of my body we don't work on. Chris has to check my body's muscle tone is kept balanced on both sides of my body. There is no part we do more work on as I have to have strength in my lower and upper part of my body to control the car. I have also been doing my usual cycling workouts!"

Cameron also went over to Italy to visit Dallara the chassis manufacturer for the World Series where they have a race simulator specially designed for the racing drivers to practise in.

Did Dallara have anything to say about how you are doing?
"They gave me some positive feedback which is always great to hear, they were impressed with my Debut race for the series."

Cameron Twynham

If you want to see Cameron in all his glory watch the race live on EuroSport at 1pm on both Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th September!


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Now the relocation is complete our PDQ Machine is back up and running again so you have two payment methods available once again. So you can choose whichever suits your company best!

Option 1: Over the phone PDQ system payment on ordering

Option 2: 30 Days at end of month payment account

Hello McLaren!

As you know we visit our customers as much as we possibly can to keep up to date with any new projects they may have or to update them with our new ventures! This month we only got to swing by McLaren, oh what a boring job! *cough*.

McLaren Car

Unfortunately we have no photos to show you of the amazing place (other than the photo of the sign-better than nothing), as the building is high security and top secret! We did ask! We had a great visit and a tour as one of the team had never been, the place never gets boring! We could have spent all day in awe of it!

McLaren Sign

We would like to thank McLaren for having us and we are already looking forward to Emkay's next visit!

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NEC- Advanced Engineering
Stand Change

As every November we will be exhibiting our products at the advanced engineering show in the composites section. We have just moved stand so to those of you who were coming to see us please head to stand C161 and we will be there for a chat and drink with our usual array of ladies there to show you how to use our pens and open your drinks! It's not as easy as you think! Please let us know if you will be attending the show.

Advanced Engineering Show 2014



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