MK Latest News

MK Latest News

Rohacell Tests

Impact Attenuator Testing
Rohacell being quasi-statically tested. Improved designs are currently being manufactured for dynamic testing in the coming weeks.

To find out more about ULM Formula Student please visit their website http://ulm.formulastudent.org.uk/home.html

High Tech On The Kitchen Table

Posted 28.11.12

Quite a lot has been written over the years about using composites to build our shiny (or not so shiny in this event) toys. Using either low cost glass or the more expensive but much stronger carbon fibre. But always…

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Emkay Supplying Rohacell in new sheet sizes!

Posted 12.02.13

We are happy to announce we can now supply our customers with 1/8's (625mm x 625mm) of a standard Rohacell sheet (2600mm x 1350mm).

At Emkay Plastics we understand the needs of our customers and sometimes you need those smaller…

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New PDQ System now in place

Posted 14.02.13

EMKAY Plastics are proud to announce we can now accept credit and debit cards making working with us easier. With one phone call orders can be placed, processed and dispatched all in the same day.  This is great news for…

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