MK Plastics Technical Data

ROHACELL® IG-F Polymethacrylimide Foam

Subcategory: Composite Core Material; Polymer; Polymethacrylimide; Thermoset

Material Notes:
ROHACELL 110 is a specialty grade which closes the gap between lower-density grades (31, 51, and 71) and the compacted, higher-density grades (P 170 and P 190).

General ROHACELL Information: ROHACELL is a closed-cell rigid expanded plastic material for lightweight sandwich construction. It has excellent mechanical properties, high dimensional stability under heat, solvent resistance and, particularly at low temperature, a low thermal conductivity. The strength and moduli values are the highest for any foamed plastic in its density range. ROHACELL is manufactured by hot forming of methacrylic acid/methacrylonitrile copolymer sheets. During foaming this copolymer is converted to polymethacrylimide.

Rohacell 110 IG-F

Properties   Metric English Comments
Physical Properties  
Density   0.11 g/cc 0.003999 lb/in_  ASTM D 1622-63
Mechanical Properties  
Tensile Strength, Ultimate   3.43 MPa 498 psi  ASTM D 638-68
Elongation @ break   4.5% 4.5%  ASTM D 638-68
Modulus of Elasticity   0.157 GPa 22.7 ksi  ASTM D 638-68
Flexural Yield Strength   4.41 MPa 640 psi  ASTM D 790-66
Compressive Yield Strength   2.94 MPa 427 psi  ASTM 2 1621-64
Shear Modulus   0.049 GPa 7.11 ksi  ASTM C 273-61
Shear Modulus   0.0569 GPa 8.25 ksi  ASTM D 2236-69
Shear Strength   2.35 MPa 341 psi  ASTM C 273-61
Thermal Properties  
Maximum Service Temperature,
  180 ƒC 356 ƒF  Dimensional stability per
 DIN 53424
Descriptive Properties
Colour   White