Composite materials are of increasing importance in the shipbuilding industry. Lightweight applications allow for higher payloads and faster speeds. The consistent use of sandwiched composites in deck and bulkhead structures saves considerable amounts of fuel.

Builders of military ships and yachts continue to find new application areas for sandwich constructions. The greatest potential lies in lightweight construction, since it takes a disproportional performance increase of the ship propulsion to accelerate a greater mass to the same final speed. This is an important consideration for high-speed ships. The main application areas include decks, interior structures, hull sections (especially in areas with higher temperatures) for Surface Effect Ships (SES, e.g. Skjold), frigates (e.g. Visby) and high-speed passenger ferries.

The advantages of ROHACELL® primarily are associated with sandwich manufacturing (e.g. resin infusion processes), high dynamic strength, low smoke emissions, easy processing, and excellent energy absorption. In this regard please view the studies of KTH Stockholm about the fatigue behavior of sandwich foam core materials.

ROHACELL® is approved by DNV and meets the IMO HSC criteria for vehicle decks, engine rooms, and passenger spaces.

Grades used in this industry


The majority of grades of Rohacell are with us ready to be processed, including IG, IG-F, HF, WF, RIMA & XT. We are very pleased to say we have the capability in most cases to offer next day delivery anywhere in the UK as standard.

Only a few niche grades are not held in stock and will be subject to a MOQ and lead time, but we will make you aware of this at the point of your order; we will always listen to your applications and help with alternate suggestions if you require material quickly and we don’t have it in stock.

With the highly popular and widely used grades IG, IG-F & HF, no order is too small! Other grades may be subject to a MOQ and this can vary depending on the grade. Please get in touch and we will gladly take time to discuss your exact requirements and tailor your purchase for you.

We are very proud of our state of the art factory, especially after our recent expansion and we have a number of machines that will cut and prepare Rohacell along with the skilled hands of our staff. Our plant includes a Horizontal Band Saw, Sanding Plant, Circular Saw & Laser Machine. This technology allows us to engineer Rohacell to within a guaranteed +/-0.5mm tolerance, or better still, +/-0.2mm on request. With our Laser machine, we can cut complex 2D shapes with minimal waste material.

Anything you require, on request. Our cutting plant means that we can machine Rohacell to any length, width and thickness within our largest sheet sizes of 2500mm x 1250mm as well as oversized 2600mm x 1300mm on request. Maximum dimensions & thickness can depend on the grade, so ask our advice. If you need a specific sized sheet with a thickness not listed, let us know and we will accommodate for you.

Beyond our ISO Standards, Industry and Quality Assurance certifications, our continued success if built on our core business values of delivering market leading products coupled with first class customer care, from our team of dedicated and passionate individuals. We take time to listen to your needs, however big or small those are and work hard to maintain a rapport with our clients. Our facilities in Norwich mean we can cater for purchases from all over the world. We are impartial, independent and confidential; we are Emkay.

Get in touch with us on the number or email at the top of our webpage. In office hours, we have a friendly team at the end of the phone who have a vast combined expertise with Rohacell and if we don’t know the answer, we will know where to find it for you! We will talk you through the order, payment and delivery process so that you stay fully in the loop.