We supply high precision Rohacell® to the UK and internationally

cut, sized and shaped for some of the world's most exciting industries.

Emkay Plastics Marine Range
We Supply high precision rohacell
to the uk and internationally

Cut, sized and shaped for some of the world’s most exciting industries

Emkay Plastics Marine Range
Sports & Leisure
Emkay Plastics Marine Range
Antennas & Electronics
Emkay Plastics Marine Range
Wind Energy
Emkay Plastics Marine Range
Emkay Plastics Marine Range
Aerospace & Aviation
Emkay Plastics Marine Range
Medical Technology
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EMkay Plastics

Emkay Plastics Ltd was established in 2000 by Steve King and Paul Meek, industry experts with over 40 years combined experience in the plastics sector.

Today, Emkay Plastics are the leading suppliers and specialists for the distribution of ROHACELL® in the UK. Our continued success is built on our core business values of delivering market leading products coupled with first class customer care.

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What is ROHACELL®?

It is by no surprise that ROHACELL® still dominates in the area of high-grade lightweight sandwich construction. ROHACELL®’s success can be attributed to the following:

• Excellent mechanical properties over a wide temperature range, even at low densities
• High temperature resistance up to 220°C
• Unique compressive creep behavior for processing up to 180°C and 0.7 MPa
• Excellent dynamic strength
• Cell sizes that can be tailored for each processing method

Here at Emkay Plastics we stock many thicknesses of tight tolerance cast Acrylic and the following Rohacell products:


The superior quality the ROHACELL® offers enhances product manufacturing and you the customer get the benefits.

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